Our 6-step treatment

1 – Your story

We ask you extensively about your health problems (anamnesis), nutrition and lifestyle.

2 – Complete body measurement (Medical Check)

Using electrodes on your head, hands and feet, the Medical Check device sends and measures electronic impulses throughout the body. The measurement is safe and accurate, and provides us with information about where in your body the toxins, (chronic) inflammations and blockages are located that disrupt your system.

3Neutralize, loosen and reactivate (Med Matrix)

Using the Med Matrix, the waste substances in the connective tissue are loosened up and cells are reactivated. This is done in three phases:

  • Neutralize

    A body with waste substances has a strongly deviating charge and is acidified. The electrodes of the Med Matrix send a weak direct current to the tissue and change the aberrant charge from the outside. The toxins and acids are neutralized.

  • Loosen

    By means of an advanced vacuum suction massage (modern form of cupping), the deeply stuck toxins are loosened. The lymph can now clear the waste products from the body. The effect of the suction massage is immediately visible and noticeable. The back temporarily becomes red and the body tissue feels soft and supple again.

  • Reactivate

    Electromagnetic frequencies are sent to the body to reactivate cells and organs. The self-healing capacity of the body gets a ‘reset’.

Reactiveer uw lichaam

4Drain Toxins (Detox footbath)

A Detox foot bath follows in order to stimulate the removal of the loose waste substances. The water in this special foot bath is magnetic and has a high negative (-) ion charge. The moment the feet come into contact with the water, the body experiences a major imbalance. The difference between the upper body, with the strongly positively (+) charged toxins, and the negatively charged magnetic energy at the feet, causes the toxins to be pulled down in order to restore the balance.

5 – Mental Detox (Audio Color)

The Audio Color, an intelligent real-time neuro-feedback program, measures and analyzes your brainwaves and converts them into an exercise program in the shape of colors, sounds and figures. Certain brain waves are stimulated or slowed down, so that your health complaints are reduced. The neuro-feedback also stimulates the communication between your two brain halves and discharges your mind. You will experience deep relaxation and inner peace.

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6 – Stay healthy

Living an entirely toxin-free life is not possible. But if you know how to avoid and neutralize toxins in an easy way, you will be less likely to be ‘clogged’ again in the future.

We always look at what is personally feasible and convenient for you. Hence, staying ‘clean’ will not be a huge effort, but a pleasant way to significantly improve your health. The goal is that a number of small changes together achieve the intended result.

Did you know that the equipment we work with is also used by AC Milan and various German professional football clubs for their players.

According to many ancient medicine, pollution of the body is the cause of all disease.