Frequently Asked Questions


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+Is the treatment safe?

Yes. The equipment we work with is manufactured by Wegamed, a German company with more than 25 years of experience in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. The devices have all the required medical certifications in Germany and Europe (TÜV Nord 13485, CE, MDSAP). The equipment has also been approved by the FDA in the United States.

+What technology is used and has its efficacy been proven?
Yes. The equipment uses advanced bio-impedance, an accurate and safe technology that has been around for many years and is also used in hospitals. Electronic impulses are sent through the body to measure the state of the body: which parts and/or specific organs are charged with (chronic) inflammation, toxins or rigidity. These need to be detoxified and reactivated.

The equipment has been developed with the knowledge of 2,000 years old Chinese medicine for detoxification and recovery of the body (cupping, acupuncture and herbs). In addition, the knowledge of other naturopathic therapies such as homeopathy has also been incorporated.

These medical devices are used worldwide in more than 25 countries by more than 8,400 therapists (Dec. 2019) with good results. The devices have also been tested in clinical trials on both adults and children.

+Is the treatment reimbursed by health insurers?

No. Although many therapists worldwide use this equipment for detoxification, it is still relatively unknown in the Netherlands and not reimbursed by health insurers.

+Is everyone allowed to undergo this treatment?
No. You may not be treated with our equipment if you are/have:

pregnant or breastfeeding, serious liver and/or kidney failure, seriously weakened body (if this appears after our body measurement), severe exhaustion, epilepsy (seizures), fever, open wounds or acute inflammation of the back, blood clotting problems, using of blood thinners, organ transplantation, (electronic) implants in the body, heart disease or psychosis.

+Do I need to prepare for treatment?

  • Try to be relaxed and not under time pressure before the treatment. Keep this in mind if you have other appointments before or after your session at Healthy Detox.
  • Do not wear make-up or use creams, body lotions, perfumes or deodorants on the day of the treatment.
  • Do not use drugs until 48 hours before treatment.
  • If possible, do not use any medication 24 hours in advance unless ingestion is necessary. If in doubt, ask your doctor. After the treatment you can use your medication again immediately.
  • Do not use coffee, tea (herbal tea is allowed) or alcohol and tobacco on the day of treatment.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.
  • Jewelry should be taken off during the treatment.
  • Make sure you have had breakfast or lunch beforehand.

Also, if the first body measurement shows that a thorough detoxification is not possible at the moment (e.g. in case of a very weakened body, liver and/or kidney failure), this will be clearly and thoroughly discussed with you. In that case you only pay for the intake and measurement.

+How many treatment sessions do I need and what effects will I notice?
A basic detox treatment consists of 8 treatments. Most people already notice the first effects after a few treatments. You have (much) more energy, less pain and health complaints and your skin improves. You feel better, both physically and mentally.

If you have more serious symptoms such as a medical condition, chronic inflammation, eczema, long-term intestinal problems, etc., more treatments may be necessary to get rid of your symptoms. Before each session we will evaluate the progress. You can discontinue the treatments at any time.

Please note that every person and body is different. The result can therefore vary for each person. Healthy Detox only offers customization. You will receive practical tips tailored to your personal situation. These are meant to support the treatments and to maintain a ‘clean’ body after the detox cure.


+What is the frequency of the treatments?
We recommend starting with two treatments per week during the first two weeks (at intervals of 3-5 days). After that, weekly treatments are most preferable.
+Do the treatments hurt?

You won’t notice much of the body measurement. Some people experience a slight sensation in the body. The back treatment can be uncomfortable when you suffer a lot from stiffness. With a strong vacuum toxins are being sucked upwards. If it becomes painful, please tell us so we can lower the intensity. The Detox footbath and the Audio Color are pleasant and relaxing experiences.

+Can the detox treatments go together with other therapies?
Detoxifying the body at Healthy Detox can be done together with other therapies. Detoxification is the basis for a healthy life. It restores the body’s self-healing capacity and should in principle always be done first, before trying other therapies. It is quite possible that after the detox treatment your symptoms have decreased to such an extent that other therapies are less often or even no longer necessary.

Sometimes we will recommend to postpone other therapies such as acupuncture or the use of supplements untill you have (largely) completed the treatment with Healthy Detox. A ‘clean’ body transports oxygen better and absorbs nutrients faster. Acupuncture will be more effective if the tissue around the acupuncture points is no longer completely stuck with old pollutants. Herbs and supplements are also better used on a detoxified body.